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While visiting my favourite blogs, I discovered the very interesting article „What is “Custom XML?” … and the impact of the i4i judgment on Word“ from Gray Knowlton published on 23. December 2009. One day before, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld the trial court verdict rendered in favor of plaintiff i4i Limited Partnership and also upheld the permanent injunction issued against Microsoft barring future sales of Microsoft Word products containing the Custom XML features.

Microsoft Word

You can see the affected features of Word in question if you insert custom XML tags to your documents. They are made visible in the document by being highlighted in pink as shown in the screenshot above. The judgement will now have some impacts on these features in future versions of Word.

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This article is mainly a translation of my correspondung German article. However, as I used the German version of Office 2010 for taking the screenshots and this will not be really suitable for my english speaking audience, I will first change the display and help files language in Office 2010 from German to English. This can easily be done, as the language packs are now available. Thanks to my friends on Twitter for this info.
Then I will check out the new Excel 2010 functions NETWORKDAYS.INTL() and WORKDAY.INTL().

New functions in Excel 2010

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As mentionned in my previous article, I’m following the excellent blog posts from Gray Knowlton. Gray already presented there the „Microsoft Office 2010 Code Compatibility Inspector – shortly OCCI“, I would like to report about my experiences with this tool. This application is currently at its beta stage, so we can’t expect all will work fine.

First, lets download the application from the Microsoft Download Center and the unpack the contents of the zip archive. I my case, trying to unzip the file to an inexistent folder on my hard disk leads to an error message telling me that the folder can not be created. No matter, I unzipped the archive contents to the folder proposed by OCCI. This works. The we can call the OCCI installer.


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I’m regularly visiting the blog from Gray Knowlton who leads the product managment team for Office Developers. Among other very interesting articles about MS Office 2010, he had announced two applications, I have been impatiently waiting for. These apps are now available and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

The first application help the users and administrators to evaluate and check out incompatibilities when installing or upgrading to MS Office 2010. The second application inspects your VBA Code for incompatibilites. This article presents the „Office Environment Assessment Tool – shortly OEAT“. In a further post, I will present the „Office VBA Compatibility Inspector“.

First we have to download OEAT from the Microsoft website. After the download, just unzip the OEAT application in a folder of your choice. When running the tool, you’ll see following screen:


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This article lists the most important articles I have posted about the Technical Preview of Office 2010. At this point, thanks to all visitors and the positive feedback via email. Office 2010 Beta is now publicly accessible and I will also write some articles about the new version. However, most informations of my previous posts are also applicable to the Beta. I have sorted this list by publishing date.

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The Office 2010 Beta Version Website is now online. However ths link for downloading the beta version does not work, but we are sure this will be changed in a few days. You can also find more information about the new and improved features of Microsoft Office and the Office WebApps on the site.

Office 2010 Beta Website

Once the download is available, we will also take a closer look at Office 2010 and write about our experiences on our blog; so, please stay tuned 🙂