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Unfortunately, my provider 1&1 experienced some network configuration problems on 09/26/2011 that have led to a server failure from approximately 14:45 to 16:45 and from 19:45 to 21:30 o’clock (Central Europe time).

Not only this domain was affected, but also several other domain hosted on this server like the German Excel Ticker, the Website about my services, the Excel Formula Translator or the German Office365-Forum.

According to the 1&1 blog, the failure was caused by a faulty network configuration, which in turn was caused by a software.

While implementing the Excel Formula Translator in PHP, I created an Excel workbook including all my translations of the Excel formulas, error codes and arguments of the CELL() and INFO() functions. I thought, it would be a good idea to offer the file for free at the end of this article. Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or leave a comment here, if you find an error in one of the translations.

To extract the formulas in the different languages, I had firstly inserted all available formulas in a column in the “Formulas” worksheet of the workbook. For this, I used the English version of Excel, as English is my reference language and I sorted all formulas in alphabetical order. Of course, as I am usually using the German version of Excel, I had to install the English language pack.

Excel Formula Translator

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I recently released version 1.50 of my free online Excel Formula Translator. The translator can be used to translate both single Excel Formulas and combined complex formulas. For example the formula =PROPER(MID(A1;FIND(“.”;A1)+1;FIND(“@”;A1)-FIND(“.”;A1)-1)) to extract the first and last name from an e-Mail address is translated to =NOMPROPRE(STXT(A1;TROUVE(“.”;A1)+1;TROUVE(“@”;A1)-TROUVE(“.”;A1)-1)) in French.

MSDN actually provides 43 language packs for Microsoft Office 2010, which I downloaded and installed in a virtual machine. I then compared the Excel functions, the Excel error codes and the arguments of some specific functions to the English version. And I have found 32 languages which have differences and included these languages in the translator.

Excel Formula Translator

However, in some languages the differences are minimal. For example, the only difference I found in the Japanese language pack is the DOLLAR() function which was replaced by YEN(). Another example is Thai, where the only difference is the argument “System” for the INFO() function. So, for these languages, the translator will in most cases return the same result as for English.

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