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Excel Advent Calendar

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Petros Chatzipantazis asked me some days ago, if I was interested to translate his advent calendar to german and to publish it on my blog. I thought the idea for the advent calendar was great, so it took very short time to accept his suggestion. The advent calendar includes quizes from Petros, Chris Macro and me. Each day, you can answer to a question about Excel – some of these questions are relatively easy and others are more difficult. Each author provided some questions. I provided the questions in German. Petros and Chris provided questions in English. Petros also published a post Anticipate Christmas by counting down the days using Excel on his blog. The following screenshot shows the german version for the advent calendar


The advent calendar is available in two versions. The first version does not need anything else than the activation of macros. You can answer the questions by clicking on the buttons next to the questions, which appear in the ribbon tab “Advent calendar”. And you can select a question by clicking on the day numbers or by using the buttons “Next question” and “Previous question”. However, some of the buttons just only show a message box; for example is you try to choose an author. This is due to the fact, that’s not possible to change the ribbon tab at run time via VBA.

The second version of the advent calendar uses the Ribbon Commander Framework. This framework allows dynamic Ribbon UI development from VBA & .NET and therefore the second version of the advent calendar offers more possibilities. After downloading the framework (which can be freely tested for 30 days), you can download the advent calender from its integrated Add-In-Manager. The framework can be directly downloaded from the source site or you can use the web laucher, which is an Excel-Add-In and does all work for you via Excel.


This website offers some free multiyear calendar templates since mid-2012. The templates are quite popular and have been actually downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Recently, Damian Strojec provided a Polish translation of the multiyear calendar template, which also contains the most popular Polish holidays. Thank you very much, Damian!

Excel Calendar Polish

I added the Polish version to the table on the corresponding section for the multiyear calendar templates of the download page.

The Excel Formula Translator is now also available in a Greek version and extends the offer of the online tool and the website to 6 languages. The Online Tool recognizes all native Excel functions since version 2010 and translates these functions to all localized names offered by Microsoft.

Excel Formula Translator Greek

Many thanks to Petros Chatzipantazis and to Lydia Anyfantaki from the company ILYDA for supporting me in the translation to Greek. Petros is the managing director of ILYDA (UK) Ltd, the company behind the Ribbon Commander framework and a member of the practitioners board at the Council for Ubiquitous Intelligence (CUbInt), Emory Goizueta Business School. He publishes regularly free Excel tutorials and VBA Add-ins at Spreadsheet1.com. Lydia is an Excel enthusiast and a young entrepreneur, co-founder of the software development start-up company FLEXWARE Innovation Systems.