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Due to numerous requests for my calendar templates and as the download links are a little bit distributed through the blog posts, I added this page with an overview of all available versions. Each calendar template includes a language and country code representing the language used by the template and the targeted country. For example, the code “DE-DE” is used for German and Germany and “EN-US” is used for English and the United States. The download files and the calendar files themselves also include this code in their names. The most important official holidays for each targeted country are also included in the respective calendar templates.

Multiyear calendar templates

In the following the download links for my multiyear calendar templates. The screenshot below shows the german version of the template. Please note, that you may change the year to 2013 in the settings sheet after you have downloaded the template.

Multiyear Calendar Template

Language Country Code Download Notes
Englisch USA EN-US Download
French Belgium FR-BR Download
  France FR-FR Download
German Austria DE-AT Download
  Germany DE-DE Download
  Liechtenstein DE-LI Download
Polish Poland PL-PL Download Translation by Damian Strojec

Note from 01/03/2013: I have added an extended version of the calendar for the EN-US version which supports 512 notes instead of 128 notes. However, please note, that I have not heavily tested the extended version. So, if you encounter errors, please just inform me.

Special calendar templates

I had created a special version of the calendar template for fiscal years in the US. The template starts on August and ending on July by default, but you can also change the start month in the settings sheet.

Multiyear Calendar Template for fiscal years

Language Country Code Download
Englisch USA EN-US Special Version for US fiscal years

Feel free to post your feedback and suggestions here 🙂



Hi Dan,

thanks for the compliments and thanks for the info. This years seems to be a special case, as the 4th Advent is the same day as Christmas. You can change the relative days in the calender by setting the 1st Advent to “Vorheriger Sonntag”, “Minus”, “14 Tage” instead of “21 Tage”. And the following entries accordingly. However, you’ll get a duplicate entry for Christmas, but this should not affect the calculations, as fas as I remember.


Hi Mourad,

Thanks for this great calender.

When using the german version of the calender for 2017 the 1st advent shows on the 26:th of november but the 1st advent 2017 is on the 3rd of december.


Kind regards


Hi Jacqueline, thanks!

Jacqueline Alexander

Awesome organizational tool. Thanks you for for sharing your craft.

Hi Moses,

many thanks!

Kind regards, Mourad

Hi Mourad,

Really appreciate your great generosity in sharing what must have taken you a lot of time to create!

Great stuff!

Warm regards,


Helle Daniel – thanks 🙂

The used password for the sheets is empty. If you need the password for the workbook, please e-mail me at calendar(at)maninweb(dot)de.

Best regards, Mourad

Hi Mourad,

Great tool, would love to tinker with it by adding some macro functionality for data capture but i notice that it is protected. Would you be kind enough to share a version thats not protected? I will share the final outcome with you.


Hi Mourad,

Thanks, this is the option that I needed, Thanks ferry match

Gr, Carolus

Hi Carolus,

I am unsure, if I understood it right what you mean, but I think I see it: there is a data sheet, where the two arrows on the top are disabled. Use the “normal” Excel sheet tabs to reach the data sheet or go back. May be, you have to enable the sheet tabs before. Excel Options » Advanced » Display options, Show sheet tabs. The data sheet includes all text resources for the workbook, so, e.g. if you like to translate it into your language, you can do it there.

Greetings, Mourad

Hi Mourad,

Thanks for the answer, I if one question; in the fiscal calender, how come I back from resources tot the main page from the calender, when I unlock the protection one the date sheet end I going to the resources sheet end I change; fiscal 2013 to 2015, how going back to the main sheet??

Greetings Carolus

Hi Carolus,

thanks. You can insert duplicate events in the notes sheet (which can be used for birthdays, special events, etc.). The holiday sheet does not accept duplicate days by its nature. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Mourad


Thanks for the calender Super. Is it possible insert more holidays, Sample 25 December Christmas day en now is it not possible, If i insert a bird day from Ellen one the same day, wrong duplicated!

Thanks Carolus


Mourad Louha

Hi Catherine,

Thanks! All the versions I have, are linked on this page. The multiyear calendar is a “normal” calendar from Jan. to Dec. But you can also use the fiscal calendar as normal calendar. In the settings tab, just set the first month to January.

Best regards, Mourad

Catherine Montondo

Hi Mourad, I love your year calendar (I only found the US 2013 fiscal calendar on the excel-ticker.com site). I would love to use a regular 2014 calendar (January to December). If at all possible, let me know if/when one is downloadable.

Thanks so much for your great work, Mourad! 🙂


Mourad Louha

Hi Chibuzor – Thanks 🙂

Chibuzor Obilom


Hi Primoz, Thanks! 🙂

Dear Mourad Louha,

I just downloaded your Excel template calendar. I am a very delicate and demanding user, looking for a nice and useful planning tool and what I just downloaded from you web page seems to be much better than anything I have ever seen.

Really great work!

Will have a closer look tomorrow. Thanks for a time being.


Hi Chris,

Thanks 🙂

I have modified the template so that you can enter 512 notes instead of 128 notes. And I added the extended file – EN.US.Calendar.Extended.xlsx – to the download archive. So, please download the archive again. Please note, that I have not tested the changes. So, if you get errors, just contact me and we will see, what we can do.

Hope this helps.

Regards 🙂


This calendar is great, many thanks for your hard work; this is a brilliant planning tool.

Is there a way of have more then 128 lines in notes?

I am looking at mapping my team’s activity for the year and I am going to struggle to keep it within 128 lines.

Kind Regards

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