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Like in my previous post, I found this strange behaviour when testing some sample files for my next article about PowerPivot in a computer magazine. In some cases, Excel 2010 does not correctly display the selected cell, especially if you are freezing rows. This behaviour does not appear in Excel 2007.

To reproduce the error, you may first create a new workbook in Excel 2010 and store the file. It does not matter whether you choose the old file format XLS or the new modern XLSX format. I created the two sheets „Fixed“ and „Standard“ in my workbook and formatted some cells as you can see in the screenshots below. Please note, that only Excel 2010 in German is currently available for me, but I think, this will be suffisent for the demonstration.

Excel 2010

The areas I to IV are containing merged cells. And the pane was freezed between row 7 and 8. If you select cell D2 by clicking with the mouse on this cell, then select the worksheet „Standard“ and go back to the sheet „Fixed“, the selected cell is correctly displayed.

An interesting effect occurs if you click on other cells. The follwing series of screenshots shows this behaviour of Excel 2010. First, I selected area I, as you can see below:

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When testing the sample files for an article for the well known german computer magazine c’t, I noticed a small but confusing translation error in Excel 2010.

The function „Zoom to Selection“ is incorrectly translated to „Fenster einfrieren“ in German instead of „Zoommodus: Auswahl“ (like in Excel 2007). Unfortunately „Fenster einfrieren“ means „Freeze panes“ and this feature is located next to the incorrect button on the ribbon tab. However, when clicking on the incorrect translated button, the right function „Zoom to Selection“ is executed, as you can see on the two screenshots below for Excel 2007 and 2010 in German.

Excel 2007

Excel 2010

The head line for the help window is also incorrect in german, the help text is however correct.

Since I could not remember whether the error was already present in the beta of Excel 2010, I tested this in a virtual machine with the Beta installed. Interestingly, there, the designation of the functon is correct.

Excel 2010 Beta

I can not say whether if it is in fact „only“ a translation error or if Excel 2010 programmatically calls a wrong language resource. And I have not tested if the bug also exists in other languages as I have no other languages installed. However, this would be interesting to find out.

This article has also been published on my other blog www.software.maninweb.de
and on the German Version of the Excel Ticker blog.


When testing an own developped VBA application in Excel 2010, I noticed a curiosity, which I personally would classify as a bug in Excel 2010.

My application is using some form controls, especially checkboxes which are hidden or unhidden per code. And the cells containing the controls are also hidden or unhidden per code.
The error in Excel 2010 appears when following steps are done:

  • Hide the form controls per code (Visible = False).
  • Hide the rows containing the controls.
  • Save and close the workbook.
  • Open the workbook again.
  • The form controls are now all on top and lost their original positions.

This problem does not appear in Excel 2007. Now, for getting sure that this is actually a problem of Excel 2010, I wrote a small sample application, which positioned 9 checkboxes as shown in the screenshots below. Please note, that I haved used the german version of Excel for the screenshots as the english version of Excel 2010 is not available yet for me. The properties for each control are set to “Move but don’t size with cells” (in German “Nur von Zellposition abhängig”). The two screenshots below show the worksheet in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 in the initial state without any influence from VBA code.

Excel Controls Bug

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This article is a translation of the german article from my friend André Melenk, who posted it in the german blog. He has noticed a strange behaviour of Excel 2010 interface. Under certain circumstances, the minimize, maximize and close button on the upper right corner of the Excel application window are flashing. This may be a bug in Excel 2010.

To reproduce this issue, proceed as follows:

  1. Start Excel 2010.
  2. Please ensure that the main application window of Excel 2010 is maximized.
  3. Please create a new empty workbook.
  4. Insert an object or shape in a worksheet (for example an image, a shape or a control).
  5. Then move your mouse cursor over the heading of the worksheet and in a manner that the cursor is vertically below the minimize or maximize icons (like shown in the screenshot below)

Excel 2010

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