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We have modified and improved the calendar by adding a new option for selecting the date format from a list. Common German, English and French date formats are include in the calendar. You can also add up to two user specific date formats to the resource sheet.

The setting concering the date format is only from interest, if you are using an operating system which does not cover the fate formats included in the calendar. For example, if you are using an Italian version fo Windows, the English date format “MM/DD/YYYY” may not work. So, you may then enter your date format to the resource sheet. You can reach this sheet by clicking on the “Next” icon from the settings sheet.

We have also updated the detailled documentation for the calendar in the article „Excel 2007 and 2010 Calendar for 2011 (EN-US)“. The download link remains unchanged and you can download the file from the previously mentionned article.