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He is back! We published on June, 8th our Excel Soccer World Cup Planner 2011 for the Womens’ Soccer World Cup this year in Germany. We look forward exciting matches and welcome guests from over the world.

Excel Soccer World Cup Planner 2011

We have, in addition to some internal changes to improve the performance, made some design changes to the planner. New icons and an improved menu and navigation structure make the planner more easier to use (we hope so) and a new option allows to setup the print area for the sheet with the prediction game. The planner is currently available in German, English and French. And we have changed the domain for the planner; however we did not disable the previous domain but are redirecting to the new domain.

Since the publication of the planner a few days ago, the planner was already downloade more than 2,000 times; at this point we would like to express special thanks to the german bloggers Oliver Münk und Valdet Beqiraj, who had, like last year, written a post about the planner on their blogs.

And, last but not least, we are currently setting up a forum for the support for our users and hope to open the forum in a few days.

The forum forum.excel-soccer-2011.de for the Excel Soccer World Cup Planner was officially released by me today. Like the Excel Soccer World Cup Planner, the forum is available in the three languages German, Englisch and French. You can ask questions there about the planner and, of course, post bug reports or suggest new features for the next versions of the planner. A subforum collects all ideas from our users. The forum will also remain active after the Womens’ World Cup this year and be available for future versions of the planner.

I would also like to announce another forum, which will not be related to the planner but to another very interesting product and theme. I have already reserved all domains for this forum and will write more about it the next days, so please stay tuned.


Today, the second article of my series on the development of the additional tool for Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner. Those who deal with Excel VBA, are certainly aware that own forms or UserForms can be created and be filled with controls. The design of the controls and the UserForm lies on older Windows versions and is – in my opinion – by its appearance a little bit boring. Below is a screenshot of the same UserForm, on the left side you can see the default design and on the right side an alternative variant.

Excel Soccer Worl Cup 2010 Planner Addon

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We have the pleasure to inform you that we have released the Version 2.00 Build 150510 of the Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner. The new version contains some new features, which can be found in the version history on the download page of the website for the planner www.en.excel-soccer-2010.de

As we added much more features to the planner and the add-on tool then planned, we have increased the announced version 1.75 to version 2.00.

However, we must unfortunately move the release date of the Add-On tool for the planner by one week to the 05/22/2010. This is mainly due to the following reasons. We would like to add a help file to the Add-On tool which also covers the Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner. Writing the topics for the help file, creating the screenshots and translating the help file to English and French is much more work as planned. Also, we encountered in our tests for the tool some performance problem, which we would like to fix before publishing the tool. Finally, we have not completed all tests for the tool on other systems with the different languages. Thank you for your patience.