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Do you also know this problem? When taking screenshots of an application for including the images in one of your blog posts, it is very often necessary to rescale the images so that they fit into the layout of the blog. However, after resizing the images, they become blurred and some texts illegible. The following picture, taken from Microsoft Excel 2010 in German, shows the problem.

Microsoft Office 2010

In my first posts on this blog, I had uploaded two versions of the pictures. First, I created a smaller version of the original screenshot and then I linked to it in my article. Then I uploaded the picture in its original size and I added some JavaScript code to each previously inserted image link. The user then could view the larger picture by clicking on the smaller one. You may know, I’m also publishing my german articles on two other blogs, one blog is located on a Windows Live account and another one is a joint project with my good friend Andreas Entenmann, MVP for Excel. All three blogs are based on different systems. So, it was very time consuming to setup the JavaScripts for all blogs.

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