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The forum forum.excel-soccer-2011.de for the Excel Soccer World Cup Planner was officially released by me today. Like the Excel Soccer World Cup Planner, the forum is available in the three languages German, Englisch and French. You can ask questions there about the planner and, of course, post bug reports or suggest new features for the next versions of the planner. A subforum collects all ideas from our users. The forum will also remain active after the Womens’ World Cup this year and be available for future versions of the planner.

I would also like to announce another forum, which will not be related to the planner but to another very interesting product and theme. I have already reserved all domains for this forum and will write more about it the next days, so please stay tuned.


The year could really not have begun more beautiful. A few minutes ago, a mail from Microsoft arrived in my mailbox, informing me that I have been awarded with the MVP Award 🙂

I would like to take this moment to thank Microsoft for the award and also thank my family and all my friends, readers for their support and encouragement.

Microsoft MVP

We would like to wish happy holidays and a new year filled with peace and love to all our readers and friends. Thanks for reading and supporting this blog. Now, we will take a creative pause and we will be back on January 15th, 2011.

Thanks again 🙂


The transfer of this website and the databases is now complete, if you can see this post.

This ist just a test post for testing the functions of some of my installed Word Press plugins. At this point, many thanks to the authors for:

» Google XML Sitemaps
» Sociable
» Status Updater
» Topsy Retweet Button


I have now mirrored all my English blog posts from my home blog to this blog 🙂

In the future, I will post all translations of my German articles to this blog first. And the next planned steps for this blog are the creation and implementation of a new design.