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After the great success of our free Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa this year with over 380,000 downloads and the great feedback, referrals and links from companies, bloggers and individuals, we feel happy to announce the Excel Soccer Woman’s World Cup 2011 Planner. The Woman’s World Cup takes place in Germany and will start on 06/26/2011 at 18:00 in Berlin with the match between Germany and Canada.

We are planning for the next version of the Excel Planner an improved user interface with a modified design and new features suggested by our users. Of course, we will also create a new dedicated website for the planner. And, as for the World Cup 2010, the planner will be at least released in German, English and French.

PS: for those who are unfamiliar with the planner, the website www.en.excel-soccer-2010.de is still online and the version for the last soccer World Cup can be downloaded from there.

If like to contribute to the project, for example helping us to translate the planner or contribute in another ways, please just drop us an e-mail to the adress provided on the imprint page of this blog or leave a comment to this post.


Excel Soccer 2012 for the European Football Championship

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Yesterday, we published he newest version 3.0 of the Excel Soccer 2012 Planner for the European Soccer/Footbal Championship in Poland and Ukraine. This version is complete redesign including a much more modern interface, new features and more improvements.

As usual, the Excel Soccer itself and the websites are available in the three languages German, English and French. You can download the english version from this URL en.excel-soccer.de. We have als created a forum forum.excel-soccer.de for the support for our users, which is also available in the three languages mentionned before.

Excel Soccer

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We would like to wish happy holidays and a new year filled with peace and love to all our readers and friends. Thanks for reading and supporting this blog. Now, we will take a creative pause and we will be back on January 15th, 2011.

Thanks again 🙂


As a fan of the ideas and tools of Microsoft FUSE Labs, I registered for an e-mail invitation to participate in the beta test for the new social network so.cl some time ago. Although I had not recieved an invitation, I was fortunately able to take a closer look to the platform two days ago, as I got an invitation from a friend via Facebook.

Fuselabs Social Network so.cl

In order to use the social network, you have to log in by using a Facebook account. Then you will be taken to the welcome page, where the main functions and features are well explained.

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I have started to migrate all my domains to a new server. This project will probably take some time, especially as I have to move about 50 domains and my time is currently limited. In addition, the move is also an opportunity for me to clean up the sites.

My Excel Formula Translator is already available under its “true” addresses www.excel-translator.de and www.excel-translator.com. Although I will keep the subdomain translator.excel-ticker.de for a while, I recommend to update your bookmarks.

The next steps will be the migration and/or relaunch of the Excel Soccer website, the Office365 Forum and the Excel Ticker itself. During the migration the domains, I work with mirrors of the sites, so I hope to ensure that all domains are reachable and the normal operation will not be affected.

The year could really not have begun more beautiful. A few minutes ago, a mail from Microsoft arrived in my mailbox, informing me that I have been awarded with the MVP Award 🙂

I would like to take this moment to thank Microsoft for the award and also thank my family and all my friends, readers for their support and encouragement.

Microsoft MVP