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The Office 2010 Beta Version Website is now online. However ths link for downloading the beta version does not work, but we are sure this will be changed in a few days. You can also find more information about the new and improved features of Microsoft Office and the Office WebApps on the site.

Office 2010 Beta Website

Once the download is available, we will also take a closer look at Office 2010 and write about our experiences on our blog; so, please stay tuned 🙂

Unfortunately, my provider 1&1 experienced some network configuration problems on 09/26/2011 that have led to a server failure from approximately 14:45 to 16:45 and from 19:45 to 21:30 o’clock (Central Europe time).

Not only this domain was affected, but also several other domain hosted on this server like the German Excel Ticker, the Website about my services, the Excel Formula Translator or the German Office365-Forum.

According to the 1&1 blog, the failure was caused by a faulty network configuration, which in turn was caused by a software.

Someone in the US asked me, if it should be possible to modify my multiple year calendar template so that it reflects the current fiscal year by starting on August and ending on July. After I had done and tested the changes, I thought to share the special version here.

In the settings sheet, you will find new options for setting up the start month and the fiscal year. When entering notes and dates in the notes sheet, the year is automatically calculated according your settings. The holidays are also calculated for both years. For example, if you choose August 2012 as start month, the Easter holidays are calculated for 2013.

Multiple Year Calendar for fiscal years

Finally, I also modified the formulas used in the week, month, quarter and year views for showing the dates. You can download the Excel 2007 and above file from following link. Please note, that I have only changed the US Version of the calendar, but I am also planning to update the version for the other countries.

Recently, I found the download link for the „Office 2010 Developer Training Kit“ on Twitter and on the german blog from Tom Wendel. The Training Kit has been mainly created and tested by Paul Stubbs, Girish Raja, Steve Fox, Donovan Follette and Chris Mayo. As far as I know, the Training Kit is only available in English (I’m from Germany). The Training Kit provides many useful and interesting informations about Office 2010 and also exercises for developers.

Office 2010 Developer Training Kit

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