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In early December 2012, I have released the new websites for the Excel formula translator. The site in a similar design to Excel Ticker is available in German, English, French, Italian and Hungarian and is also part of my planned network of websites focusing on Microsoft Excel.

Excel Formula Translator

The websites provide, in addition to the integration of the online tool, a reference to the translations of all Excel functions from Microsoft Excel. In case where the translation on an Excel function differs from one Excel version to another, these translations are listed separately. And all translations are linked to the Microsoft Online Help in the corresponding language. A few days ago, I did an update and released the websites in Italian and Hungarian.

Many thanks to Roberto Mensa and Krisztina Szabó for supporting and helping me to translate the sites. Roberto is an Excel e VBA enthusiast expert. He is mainly active on Italian online forums and he regularly publishes his work on his sites E90E50 and E90E50fx. Krisztina is the manager of Excel Hero LinkedIn Group and member of the Frankens Team.

If you would like to support us to translate the website into more languages, we welcome your comments here or write us an email to the address mentioned on our imprint page.


Excel Soccer 2012 for the European Football Championship

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Yesterday, we published he newest version 3.0 of the Excel Soccer 2012 Planner for the European Soccer/Footbal Championship in Poland and Ukraine. This version is complete redesign including a much more modern interface, new features and more improvements.

As usual, the Excel Soccer itself and the websites are available in the three languages German, English and French. You can download the english version from this URL en.excel-soccer.de. We have als created a forum forum.excel-soccer.de for the support for our users, which is also available in the three languages mentionned before.

Excel Soccer

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He is back! We published on June, 8th our Excel Soccer World Cup Planner 2011 for the Womens’ Soccer World Cup this year in Germany. We look forward exciting matches and welcome guests from over the world.

Excel Soccer World Cup Planner 2011

We have, in addition to some internal changes to improve the performance, made some design changes to the planner. New icons and an improved menu and navigation structure make the planner more easier to use (we hope so) and a new option allows to setup the print area for the sheet with the prediction game. The planner is currently available in German, English and French. And we have changed the domain for the planner; however we did not disable the previous domain but are redirecting to the new domain.

Since the publication of the planner a few days ago, the planner was already downloade more than 2,000 times; at this point we would like to express special thanks to the german bloggers Oliver Münk und Valdet Beqiraj, who had, like last year, written a post about the planner on their blogs.

And, last but not least, we are currently setting up a forum for the support for our users and hope to open the forum in a few days.

In my article “The most important changes to VBA in Excel 2010“ from 08/05/2009, I had already reported about some changes to the VBA object model in Excel 2010. Also, I had started the development of an application for parsing and analysing all VBA objects, methods, properties and constants of the VBA libraries included in the Office apps. Just recently, I got the time to finish the development of this application.

The application is freeware and can be downloaded at the end of this article. The output tables are protected, however the password can be found in code which is unprotected and can be viewed by everyone. Please note, that the workbook itself and the copyright sheet are also protected by a password and this password is not publicly accessible.

The application referencies to the TLI Library „TlbInf32.dll“ in the windows system folder providing functions for scanning type libraires. Important note: the TLI Library needs to be installed and correctly registered on your system. My application can not work without this library. And please note that this library is not included in the download archive.

Excel VBA Typelib Scanner

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While implementing the Excel Formula Translator in PHP, I created an Excel workbook including all my translations of the Excel formulas, error codes and arguments of the CELL() and INFO() functions. I thought, it would be a good idea to offer the file for free at the end of this article. Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or leave a comment here, if you find an error in one of the translations.

To extract the formulas in the different languages, I had firstly inserted all available formulas in a column in the “Formulas” worksheet of the workbook. For this, I used the English version of Excel, as English is my reference language and I sorted all formulas in alphabetical order. Of course, as I am usually using the German version of Excel, I had to install the English language pack.

Excel Formula Translator

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I found an interesting article on the Microsoft Excel Blog from Ben Rampson (Program Manager on the Excel Team) about hiding and unhiding objects in Excel. So, it’s very easy to do this in Excel 2007 as you can select from the Start Tab the entry “Selection pane” from the “Find & Select” button.

Objects in Excel

The panes shows you all objects in the current sheet, you can hide and unhide them by clicking on the eye buttons on the left side of the pane.

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