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Disable the blog post publishing feature in Word 2010

A user recently asked on the German Microsoft Office 2010 Forum the question whether and how the button “Publish as a blog post” can be turned off in Word 2010. This cannot be done in the Word 2010 options dialogue, but there is an option in the administrative templates for Word 2010.

Word 2010

Firstly, we may download the administrative template from a Microsoft server; a link is provided at the end of this article. The setup of the templates can be done as described in my previous article “The administrative Templates for Office 2010 and Office 2007”.

Then, the group policy editor should be opened, for example in Windows 7 by typing “gpedit.msc” in the search field and pressing the enter key. And, if you are using the classic templates, please navigate to the tree entry:

User configuration – Administrative Templates – Classic  Administrative Templates (ADM) - Microsoft Office 2010 – Miscilleanous

Word 2010

A double click on the option “Control Blogging” opens a new window, where you can choose to activate the settings and then select between the three options “Enabled”, “Only SharePoint Blogs allowed” or “All blogging disabled”. The last option disabled the button in Word 2010.

Word 2010

Please note, that Word 2010 may be restarted if Word was opened while the changes to the setting were done.

This article has also been published on the German Version of the Excel Ticker blog.



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