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Excel Add-In for listing all trusted documents and folders in Office

Occasionally I am also active in the French Microsoft Office TechNet forum, on one hand to practice my French and on the other hand just out of curiosity. Some time ago, someone asked there whether it is possible to retrieve a list of all trusted documents of Word 2010.

Unfortunately the Trust Center of Office 2010 does not offer a possibility to see which documents have been added to the trusted list of documents.

Trusted Folder and Documents

So I had the idea to implement a free Excel Add-In and list all trusted documents in an Excel sheet. And, when I am at it, I thought it should be a good idea to implement a function for listing all trusted folders too. And I should include the trusted documents and folders for PowerPoint, Word and Excel from Office 2007 and Office 2010.

I firstly implemented a German version of the Add-In and published it on my German Blog. Today, I translated the Add-In to English and I am happy to publish these versions here.

Trusted Folder and Documents

On its launch, the Add-In firstly checks whether Office 2010 and/or Office 2007 are installed. If Excel, PowerPoint and Word are found, then the checkboxes for the category are enabled and can be selected. The category “Actions” allows to specify if the trusted folder and/or the trusted documents may be retrieved. Of course, the feature for trusting documents is not available in Office 2007. So, if only Office 2007 is installed, then the checkboxes for searching for the trusted documents are disabled.

If you click on the red arrow on the lower left side of the dialogue, you will reach the next page. If the option “List trusted folders” is checked, the Add-In will automatically scan the Windows registry for the trusted folders for the previously selected applications.

Trusted Folder and Documents

Clicking again on the red arrow leads you to the next page for scanning the trusted documents; of course only if the options were checked on the first page of the dialogue and Office 2010 is installed. The scan also starts immediately.

Trusted Folder and Documents

Please note, that the Add-In only searches for the trusted documents from the user who is currently logged on the system. I am not planning to extend the Add-In with functions for searching the trusted documents for other users. So, if you need the list of trusted documents for another user, you may login with this user credentials.

The next page leads to the report features of the Add-In. Currently, only the option for creating a new workbook is active; I am planning to add the possibility to choose a template in the next versions of the Add-In.

Trusted Folder and Documents

Just click on the icon with the small green arrows for creating the report. That’s all, the Add-In creates one sheet for the trusted documents and one sheet for the trusted folders.

Important notes

As mentioned before, the Add-In is free. However, an important point is that, if you are using the Add-in, this gives you no rights to one of my trademarks or to the documentation and icons included. And, I assume no liability for damages of any kind and no warranty is given. The use is at your sole risk.

The Add-In was tested in Windows 7 and Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 in the three languages German, English and French. As the Add-In uses some Windows 32 Bit API functions and controls, the Add-In will not run on a pure 64 Bit system.

I have not tested the Add-In on more systems; so if you are using it for the first time, I recommend to not have open important documents when using it. If you like to give me feedback, suggest new features or if you find a bug, please feel free to post a comment here or contact me via e-Mail to the e-Mail address mentioned on the imprint page of this blog. Finally the download link for the Add-In.

Mourad Louha

Hi cloud,

Thanks. Currently, I am very busy on my work. But I will put your suggestion on my task list and I hope to be able to add Access (if possible) to the Add-In.

Regards, Mourad

Any chance you will add support for Access with this very useful looking add-in?

Mourad Louha

Hi mrainsdon

May be there is a problem with a control on a Userform. I can offer you two ways to try to resolve the problem. The first way is, you try to reproduce the steps below. Second way is to get in touch by e-mail, in case the steps below are not reproductible or perhaps too difficult. In this case, please send me a message at vba(at)maninweb(dot)de.

Steps to try: create an empty file, switch to the VBA-Editor with Alt+F11 and add a Userform via the Insert-menu. The Toolbox may be visible; if not, select View -> Toolbox. Then, next to the controls, click on a free space with the right mouse button and select Additional Controls. In the controls list, search for Microsoft ListView Control, Version 6.0 and check it and click ok. The Listview may have been added to the toolbox. Please click on it and then click on your Userform. The Control may be visible there. Now select Run from the main menue. Does an error happen?

Best Regards 🙂

When I add this addin to excel I get the following error “Automation error Unspecified error” Excel 2010 32-bit; windows 7 32 bit, service pack 1

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