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Excel Soccer 2012 for the European Football Championship

Yesterday, we published he newest version 3.0 of the Excel Soccer 2012 Planner for the European Soccer/Footbal Championship in Poland and Ukraine. This version is complete redesign including a much more modern interface, new features and more improvements.

As usual, the Excel Soccer itself and the websites are available in the three languages German, English and French. You can download the english version from this URL en.excel-soccer.de. We have als created a forum forum.excel-soccer.de for the support for our users, which is also available in the three languages mentionned before.

Excel Soccer

Originally planned as an experiment to see, what is all possible with Excel, the first Excel Soccer Planner was created for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The great success with over 380,000 downloads from all over the world exceeded all our expectations. Additionally, we had numerous recommendations from well-known blogs, companies (like Microsoft) or PC magazines who had, for example, added the planner as a supplement to their DVD’s.

We had updated our planner for the Woman’s World Cup 2011 in Germany and, even if this World Cup was not so popular as the Men’s World Cup 2010, the planner was downloaded over 30,000 times from our and other websites.

At this point, a huge thanks to all individuals and / or companies who have supported us, such as for the translations, feedback or tests.

The current release includes the following features, some are new and some have been improved.


A key USP in the Excel Soccer is its unusual interface for Excel Sheets, which we have redesigned and developped from scratch.

Excel Soccer

The screenshot above shows the three color ranges within the icons on the left side of each sheet. Each color has its significance; in this case the color a grouping the corresponding sections of the planner (Information, Results, Prediction game and Options). You can navigate through the workbook by clicking on the icons and, as all icons are on the same place, it creates the impression of a menu bar.

Multilanguage features

As mentionned before, we are offering the Excel Soccer in the three languages German, English and French. But you can translate the file up to 17 additional languages. For the last versions of the Excel Soccer, we had one file per language; now we included all designations in one file and added a special sheet, where the user can translate (or modify an existing language) by himself.

Excel Soccer

e are very happy about any support from the community for translating the Excel Soccer to other languages. Incidentally, one reason for integrating the language features is, that such sports events unites various nations, many football fans from around the world come together.


The Excel Soccer includes, additionally to the standard mode for entering the match results, up to 4 independant simulations for the match results. This is new in this version, and now it is not necessary to switch between the modes.

Excel Soccer

Of course, the Excel Soccer automatically calculates the standings for the group stage, but, as nobody is perfect, we added the possibility to manually correct the standings. So, the Excel Soccer can be also used after the group stage, if we had unfortunately produced an error. Two sheets are included for the results after the group stage and the knockout phase.

The planner uses the system date for calculating the results; meaning, when opening the planner the system date is retrieved to get the date and time when a match has to be played and then highlights missing results with a red background color.

Prediction game

Like in the previous versions, up to 128 persons can participate to the prediction game. It is possible to organize the participant in up to four groups which each 32 persons in it; useful, for example, for companies who like to setup their departements.

A new feature is, that the simulations are also considered for the prediction game. And we redesigned the charts for the prediction game, which shows some various filtering options and, if one or more players have the same number of points, reflects the number of correct predictions in the user rankings.

Excel Soccer

Despite on multiple requests, we had not included a possiblity to enter amounts for the prediction game. We are thinking, that a primarly goal for the Championship is to have fun and not to bet on real money.


The Excel Soccer includes various options, which you can find in the options section. It is possible to choose a language for some independant categories like the teams, the content or the venues. A timezone model allows you to setup the timezone, you are living in and all dates and times are recalculated according to your timezone.

Excel Soccer

If you have a favourite team, you can hightlight all matches by a forground color. If you do not want that the planner uses the system date, you can disable this option. You can set up the points given to the participants for their predictions, the icons shown for the prediction game and much more.


The planner is free to use for all individuals or companies. Only one exception is made: the german organizations and/or companies GEMA, GVU and GEZ including their employeees are NOT allowed to use this software in any way.