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Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner 1.50 released

We are happy to announce that we have released on 03/01/2010 the next version 1.50 Build 010310 of our freeware Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner. The Excel file can be downloaded on its website www.en.excel-soccer-2010.de. The new versions includes now a chart for the prediction game and a sheet for userr defined settings. The image below shows a screenshot for the charts sheet.

Excel Soccer 2010

The new version includes following new features:

  • After downloading the file and when opening the file for the first time, you may accept our license terms before using this software. Unfortunately we had to go this step, as some people had violated our license terms. Of course, the planner remains free.
  • The prediction game is now accessible via the main menubar.
  • The prediction game has been extended to a maximum number of 128 players. It is possible to setup a maximum number of 4 groups with each 32 participants. So, it’s possible to evaluate the prediction game results on a department level.
  • We have also extended the sheet for entering the predictions. The colored icons have been removed.
  • A new chart sheet for evaluating the prediction game has been added. You can also setup various filters for filtering the results. For example, it is possible to filter out the predictions for the preliminary round or the knockout stage or get the rankings of the participants on a global or departmental level.
  • We have added some bonus questions for the participants in the prediction game.
  • We have added a new sheet where you can find various options for the planner. You can, for example, select your current timezone, select your favourite team or configure the points for the prediction game and bonus questions.
  • We have improved some other functions and changed the layout for some elements.

Excel Soccer 2010

If you like to suggest us some new features or just give us a feedback, please don’t hesitate to write us. We are also searching for people who like to help us to translate the planner in more languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek and Turkish. If you like to support us, please mail us a message to contact (at) excel-soccer-2010 (dot) de.

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