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Maren, Arabic on a keyboard with latin layout

Mostafa Ashour Ashour is a program manager for Microsoft Maren, a new transliteration tool that allows users to communicate in traditional Arabic while typing on a Roman alphabet keyboard. This Tool can be download on the egyptian section of the Microsoft Site. This link is provided at the end of this article. As I have relatively large number of visitors to my site from arab countries (especially my article NETWORKDAYS.INTL() and WORKDAY.INTL() in Excel 2010), I though it may be a good idea to write about this tool. After downlading the tool, we can run the setup application.

Please note that some of the following screenshots were made on my German system,
I hope it would be clear what is meaned.

Microsoft Maren

The installation is quick, before terminating the setup application you can check the checkbox with a little video tutorial about the tool. However it’s the same video as provided on the website.

Microsoft Maren

The tool installs as a new keyboard layout. If you like to check, if the installation was correct, you may call your control panel and then select „Change keyboard or other input methods“. Then, you may click on the button „Change keyboards“ and then have a look on the tab „General“. If you can see „Maren“ in the list, all is fine.

Microsoft Maren

I’m using a Windows Server 2008 German as test system. According to the online help of the tool, „Maren“ supports Windows XP (SP2) and higher and Windows Vista. The tool also supports following applications: Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Word 2007, Outlook 2007, some Messengers and Firefox.

I have written this article in Word 2010 and you will see, I had no problems using this app and my OS. Let’s have a look. First, we have to select the appropriate language from your taskbar.

Microsoft Maren

As you can seen in the following screnshot, when typing my first name „Mourad“, which is originally an arabic name, you’ll get a little window similar to the IntelliSense technology. I typed my name twice for better demonstrating the effect.

Microsoft Maren

Very cool, isn’t it? The tool also display a little supplementary icon on the taskbar, for example for activating or deactivating it. In any case, in my opinion, this is s great tool which will certainly help some people. Thanks Mostafa:-) Finally the download link for the tool and the press message from Microsoft Press Pass.

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