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Overview of my articles about the Office TP

This article lists the most important articles I have posted about the Technical Preview of Office 2010. At this point, thanks to all visitors and the positive feedback via email. Office 2010 Beta is now publicly accessible and I will also write some articles about the new version. However, most informations of my previous posts are also applicable to the Beta. I have sorted this list by publishing date.

  • The Office Backstage in Excel 2010
    One of the most important new features of Excel 2010 is described in this post. Please note, that this feature has also been changed and improved in the Office 2010 Beta.
  • The new options in Excel 2010
    This post talks about the new options in Excel 2010. At this moment, I’m writing this overview, I haven’t checked yet, if the options have been modified in Excel 2010 Beta.
  • The new Sparklines in Excel 2010
    This articles describes the new sparklines feature in Excel 2010.
  • The new functions in Excel 2010
    I have already compared the functions in Excel 2010 and older versions in this post. I have repeated this comparision with the Excel 2010 Beta version in a more recent article.
  • The changed copy and paste options in Excel 2010
    Microsoft has modified the copy and paste functionality in the different Office 2010 applications. This article describes the new options in the TP which are also applicable to the beta version.
  • The Equation Editor in Excel 2010
    This articles is one of my most viewed post in English. The content of my article are also applicable to the Excel 2010 Beta.
  • Using Word 2010 and Word 2007 on the same system
    In some cases – if Word 2010 and Word 2007 are installed on the same system – it may happen that Word 2007 tries to reconfigure itself by opening the installer first each time you start Word 2007. This article shows how to avoid this by using a windows registry hack.
  • The most important changes for Excel 2010 Charts
    This article talks about the most important changes for Excel 2010 charts. Especially the performance of the new version of Excel has been extremely improved.
  • The changes to the Conditional Formattings in Excel 2010
    Some changes and additions were made to the Conditional Formatting dialogs and options. In this article I have briefly presented the main points.
  • The most important changes to VBA in Excel 2010
    As I’m a professional VBA developer, this issue is very important for me. Contrary alls fears, VBA remains in the Office Apps and has also been improved and extendend.
  • More interesting new features in Excel 2010
    In previous articles, I have talked about new cool features and improvements in Excel 2010. This post presents some more new features in Excel 2010 TP.
  • The new features for image editing in Excel 2010
    The new features for image editing are very cool. This article presents these features in Excel 2010 TP. I know, this features have also been more improved in the beta version. I will try them out again and report about them in a further article.
  • An introduction to the Gemini Add-In for Excel 2010
    This project has been renamed to „PowerPivot“, a special website for this project is now also available. This article describes the functions of this add-in and and leans on the tutorial from Microsoft.
  • Office Web Apps Technical Preview
    This article presents the new Office WebApps. As I’m located in Germany, this article also describes how to access to these apps from a German Windows Live Account.
  • First impressions of the Excel Web App
    This article reports about my first impressions of the Office Web Apps.
  • VBA Performance in Excel 2010
    Before writing this article, I developped a little app for measuring the VBA performance of Excel 2010. Later, I will extend this app and repeat the tests in the Beta Version.

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