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Special version of my multiple year calendar template for fiscal years

Someone in the US asked me, if it should be possible to modify my multiple year calendar template so that it reflects the current fiscal year by starting on August and ending on July. After I had done and tested the changes, I thought to share the special version here.

In the settings sheet, you will find new options for setting up the start month and the fiscal year. When entering notes and dates in the notes sheet, the year is automatically calculated according your settings. The holidays are also calculated for both years. For example, if you choose August 2012 as start month, the Easter holidays are calculated for 2013.

Multiple Year Calendar for fiscal years

Finally, I also modified the formulas used in the week, month, quarter and year views for showing the dates. You can download the Excel 2007 and above file from following link. Please note, that I have only changed the US Version of the calendar, but I am also planning to update the version for the other countries.


Hello Nicole,

Yes, you are right, still shows FY13. This text is static. Please open the calendar and then the Excel Options from the file tab. In the category ‘Advanced’, find the option for showing/hiding the worksheet tabs. Enable this option. In the workbook, go to the last worksheet ‘Data’ and search the text ‘Resources for the sheet Month’. Change the text for the title and you are done.

Best regards, Mourad


I have changed the year Fiscal Year but in the “Month” view, it still shows FY13. Any advice?



Hi Leandro,

Thanks! There aren’t any invisible sheets in the workbook. And the password protection is an empty string for all sheets excepted the copyright. So, you can modify it by yourself. However I think, that’s not so easy to modify the formulas as they refer to the months and days in a month. Concerning me, I am very sorry, but I have currently not the time to do it.

Best Regards

Hi!, great calendar!, really a great job!. I would like to use it by splitting the months into 35 days cycles. Is that any way to do it?, may be making visible some hidden sheets could be modified. Could you please help me?. Thanks in advance!.

Hi Daniel,

I wrote you to the e-Mail provided. Please get in contact and I will see what I can do.

Regards, Mourad

Good afternoon,

Thank you for the document, it’s been very helpful. I wondered if you could send me the workbook password to the email i’ve left. I need to unlock it to make it more usable on tablet device.

Many Thanks

Mourad Louha

Hi Jordan,

the data for the fiscal year calendar can be found in the calendar when you unprotect the sheets, enable the row and column headers and unhide the hidden rows and columns for each sheet. There are no hidden sheets in the workbook and therefore no need to know the workbook password. In general, I don’t give the password away, but I can offer you to contact me by e-Mail at vba (at) maninweb (dot) de.

Best Regards 🙂

I’d like to get access to the data sheet (because I need to extract the raw calendar data, based on the calendar generated by settings). It seems that the workbook itself is protected, and empty password does not seem to unlock. Is this something you are willing to allow?



Hi Shannon,

please select the settings sheet (icon Settings on the top) and change the start month for the fiscal year. May be you also have to change the setting for the year, which is above the setting for the months. The calendar may then start with January 2013 and display ‘Fiscal 2013’.

Regards 🙂


I’m starting my fiscal year January 2013 but the top of the sheet says 2014 Fiscal Calendar. Is there away to change that to 2013?

Hi ilkan,

The password is empty.

Regards 🙂

what is the password?


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