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Strange flashing of windows icons – Bug in Excel 2010?

This article is a translation of the german article from my friend André Melenk, who posted it in the german blog. He has noticed a strange behaviour of Excel 2010 interface. Under certain circumstances, the minimize, maximize and close button on the upper right corner of the Excel application window are flashing. This may be a bug in Excel 2010.

To reproduce this issue, proceed as follows:

  1. Start Excel 2010.
  2. Please ensure that the main application window of Excel 2010 is maximized.
  3. Please create a new empty workbook.
  4. Insert an object or shape in a worksheet (for example an image, a shape or a control).
  5. Then move your mouse cursor over the heading of the worksheet and in a manner that the cursor is vertically below the minimize or maximize icons (like shown in the screenshot below)

Excel 2010

If you then move the mouse cursor, you will notice that one of the icons will flash irregularly. This behaviour can also be noticed outside the headings, especially on left aside from the last column (IV in Excel for XLS files and XFD for XLSX files) as shown in the follwing screenshot. In addition, you can let the icons flashing permanently if you hold the Shift, Alt Gr or Strg keys.

Excel 2010

If the main application window is not active or the cursor resides outside of the areas mentionned before, then the icons will be displayed normally. And we did not notice this strange behaviour in Excel if no shapes or objects have been inserted in the worksheet.



Hello Lafi,

sorry, unfortunately I don’t have a solution for that, as I am not using Office 2007 anymore.

Best, Mourad

I also notice it in excel 2007 too
what the solution for that

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