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Today, the second article of my series on the development of the additional tool for Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner. Those who deal with Excel VBA, are certainly aware that own forms or UserForms can be created and be filled with controls. The design of the controls and the UserForm lies on older Windows versions and is – in my opinion – by its appearance a little bit boring. Below is a screenshot of the same UserForm, on the left side you can see the default design and on the right side an alternative variant.

Excel Soccer Worl Cup 2010 Planner Addon

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Some of you have probably heard of our Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner for the soccer world cup this year in South Africa; a conjoint project of my friends and me. I had recently announced an additional Excel VBA tool for the planner, which will, for example, be able to import and export predictions from the prediction game or send queries to a web server.

Now I had the idea to involve all interested people in the development of this tool by writing articles, how choosen features are implemented in this tool. I will also present parts of the code and at the the end of this series of articles I will write a post resuming the other posts.

This article starts with presenting a solution how to write custom tooltips using VBA. The following screenshot shows a sample of these tooltips from the options dialog in Word 2010. When you move the mouse cursor over the icons containing a small “i”, a text explaining the function of the setting appears.

VBA Tooltips

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