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Update on 11/04/2010

I have shortened this article by moving and updating the description of the calendar to the article “Excel 2007 and 2010 Calendar for 2011 (EN-US)”. You can also download the latest version of the calendar from there.

The reason for this is, that I would like to avoid confusions between the versions of the country specific calendars and want to keep in sync with the German and English articles. Please also note, that the calendar can still be downloaded on the Office Templates Website. However, it is possible that the file on the Office Templates Website has a lower version as the version on this site and therefore does not include all current features.

Previous content without moved parts

Microsoft is currently organizing a 2011 Calendar Template Contest on their Office Website. Entries have been (are) accepted there through September 30th and the winners will be announced October 6th to 13th on the templates home page.

We are pleased to inform you, that we are participating to the contest by providing this multiple year Excel 2010 calendar. As the contest is primarily focused on the US market, we only included the official holidays for the United States in our template at this time. But we are planning to release localized versions for some European countries as soon as possible.