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We have released the French version of our multiple year calendar template for Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The calendar includes the official holidays for France. However, due to some regional differences for the holidays, you may activate or deactivate some entries.

The calendar can be downloaded from the follwing page, providing an overview of all current releases and translations of the calendar: “Overview of the Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 Calendar Templates for 2011

We will publish are more detailled manual in french (as included in the calendar templat) as soon as possible. The manual will the be downloadable as a PDF file.

Each calendar template contains a language and country code representing the language used by the template and the targeted country. For example, the code “DE-DE” is used for German and Germany and “EN-US” is used for English and the United States. The download files and the calendar files themselves also include this code in their names. And we have already entered the most important official holidays for each targeted country in the respective calendar templates.

Manuals for the calendar templates

I have published an online version of the manuals for the calendar templates in English and in German to this and the German sister blog. The manuals are describing the features and functions of the calendars. A shortened version of the manuals is also included in the calendars.

Language Manual Download
English Link to the blog post NA
French NA NA
German Link to the blog post NA

Download of the calendar templates

The following versions are currently available for download. Please note, that we are using a script which checks the referrer sent by the browser for ensuring that the download link is called from our site. Normally, the common browsers are sending the referrer from the last visited site by default. However, if you or someone else has disabled this function, the script redirects you back to the homepage when clicking on the download link. In case you cannot enable the referrer in your browser, please send me an e-mail to vba(at)maninweb(dot)de. I will then send you the calendar template either via e-mail or create a special download link for you.

Language Country Code Download
Englisch USA EN-US Version 1.10 – Build 200111
French Belgium FR-BR Version 1.10 – Build 200111
  France FR-FR Version 1.10 – Build 200111
German Austria DE-AT Version 1.10 – Build 200111
  Germany DE-DE Version 1.10 – Build 200111
  Liechtenstein DE-LI Version 1.10 – Build 200111

If you would like to inform us about an error in the calendar template or send us suggestions and wishes for the next versions of the calendar template, please use the comment function in this post. Finally, we would like to thank all users who had downloaded and are using our template.


We have modified and improved the calendar by adding a new option for selecting the date format from a list. Common German, English and French date formats are include in the calendar. You can also add up to two user specific date formats to the resource sheet.

The setting concering the date format is only from interest, if you are using an operating system which does not cover the fate formats included in the calendar. For example, if you are using an Italian version fo Windows, the English date format “MM/DD/YYYY” may not work. So, you may then enter your date format to the resource sheet. You can reach this sheet by clicking on the “Next” icon from the settings sheet.

We have also updated the detailled documentation for the calendar in the article „Excel 2007 and 2010 Calendar for 2011 (EN-US)“. The download link remains unchanged and you can download the file from the previously mentionned article.


Please note that I have modified the content of this article by adding the detailed description for the calendar and that I have shortened the article “Our contribution to the Microsoft 2011 Calendar Contest – US-Version” which previously included the description. The reason for this is that I would like to avoid confusions between the versions of the country specific calendars and want to keep in sync with the German and English articles.

On the occasion, when developing the German version of the calendar, I have added some new features to the calendar and updated the US-Version. And I have also fixed some minor bugs and extended the holiday calculation algorithms. These algorithms automatically calculate the dates of the holidays for the selected year, both fixed to a date and relative to each other. So, in general, there is no need to reenter the holidays each year.

Update on 01/05/2012: Please note, that the calendar can also be used for 2012. Just modify the year on the settings sheet.

At this point I would firstly like to thank Andreas for also testing the new version. And also thank Claudia for her support to the design. Of course, the current version for the calendar can be downloaded at the end of this article.

The calendar, originally developed for the Microsoft Office Calendar 2011 Contest, was made in Excel 2010 and has a similar layout to the Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner, which has been downloaded over 375,000 times from its website. A navigation bar on the top of each sheet in the calendar allows you to easily navigate through the calendar.

Excel Calendar 2011

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Some time ago, I read the interesting blog post „Function Improvements in Excel 2010” on the Microsoft Excel Team Blog. They report about the changed formulas in Excel 2010 and about the improvements made to the calculation algorithms for these formulas. I’m not a statistician and I can’t really use all those statistical formulas, but I’m curious and I would like to examine how the results returned by the affected formulas differ in the different Excel Versions. For doing this, I have choosen the GAMMALN() function because this formula just only needs one argument. You can download a sample workbook at the end of this article.


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In my previous post „Excel VBA Type Library Scanner“, I had presented my application for scanning and parsing type libraries. However, my application needs the TLI Library „TlbInf32.dll“ to be installed and registered on the system where my application will run. For those people who do not want to install the TLI Library or have not access to it, I have now scanned the Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003 VBA Libraries on my system and exported the results to a separate workbook. You will find the download link for this file at the end of this article.

Excel VBA Libraries

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