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This fourth part of my article series about the calculation of very large numbers in Excel talks about the exponentiation of two large numbers. If we consider the original problem (see my first article) which was the calculation of 80 ^200 in Excel, we will need at least from 80 ^ 160 an own algorithm.

The calculation of 80 ^200 is equivalent to a total of 200 – 1 = 199 times multiplying the number 80 by itself. We already have a function for multiplying large numbers; see my third article. However the large number of multiplications could lead to a performance problem; so we will check if it is possible to reduce this number.

Binary exponentiation

Exponentiation by squaring (or binary exponentiation) is, according to the Wikipedia, a general method for fast computation of large integer powers of a number. This algorithm has already been discovered around 200 BC in India and can be seen as a standard method for reducing the number of multiplication needed for the calculation of the power of an integer value.

VBA Large Numbers

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