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Some time ago, I read the interesting blog post „Function Improvements in Excel 2010” on the Microsoft Excel Team Blog. They report about the changed formulas in Excel 2010 and about the improvements made to the calculation algorithms for these formulas. I’m not a statistician and I can’t really use all those statistical formulas, but I’m curious and I would like to examine how the results returned by the affected formulas differ in the different Excel Versions. For doing this, I have choosen the GAMMALN() function because this formula just only needs one argument. You can download a sample workbook at the end of this article.


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Some people from my english speaking audience asked me a few days ago, if it may be possible to translate my german article published on 11/27/2009 about the comparison between the functions included in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. The file listing the functions of the different Excel versions is also presetted to English and can be downloaded at the end of this article. Below a screenshot from the worksheet:

Office 2010 Plus Functions

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This article is mainly a translation of my correspondung German article. However, as I used the German version of Office 2010 for taking the screenshots and this will not be really suitable for my english speaking audience, I will first change the display and help files language in Office 2010 from German to English. This can easily be done, as the language packs are now available. Thanks to my friends on Twitter for this info.
Then I will check out the new Excel 2010 functions NETWORKDAYS.INTL() and WORKDAY.INTL().

New functions in Excel 2010

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In this article, we will talk about the modified or extended and new functions/formulas in Excel 2010. Most extensions have been made in the statistics category. Please note, that we are testing the Technical Preview version of Excel 2010, so some functions may be added, removed or modified in the final version.

Like in Excel 2007, Excel 2010 uses IntelliSense when entering a function in a cell. For those, who don’t know what IntelliSense ist, I took a screenshot when entering the function.

Excel 2010 Functions

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