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The „Project Gemini“ is the code name for an Excel 2010 Add-In, which allows the user to use real „Self Service Business Intelligence“. Gemini consists of the three following components:

An Excel Add-In with own interface and own ribbon. If you use the Add-In, you’ll be able to imports millions of rows, create relationships between them, calculate values in new columns using formulas and create attractive Pivot Charts. You don’t need to learn database query languagues like T-SQL or MDX. And, in additionl, you can publish your solutions on a sharepoint server.
There is also an Add-In availaible for Sharepoint 2010. This Add-In allows you, for example, to manage the workbooks published with Gemini, assign some rights or create more reports. Please note that the Excel Services should be installed and activated.
The last component is the new memory engine, using a column-based compression. Exactly this engine allows you quickly and easily manage and include the millions of rows.

Microsoft let me also participate to the Gemini preview; thanks for that! The Gemini Team provided to the participants some samples and tutorials for the first steps in Gemini. In these samples are included data files for use with the Microsoft SQL Server and also an Access Database for the people who have not access to a SQL Server. Throughout this article, I lean to some steps of the tutorial. For simplicity, I used the Access Database for my first steps with Gemini. Another reason is that on one hand I’m not an expert for SQL Server and an another hand, I should have to install it, which is not possible at this time.

Gemini Add-In in Excel

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