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The Excel Formula Translator is now also available in a Greek version and extends the offer of the online tool and the website to 6 languages. The Online Tool recognizes all native Excel functions since version 2010 and translates these functions to all localized names offered by Microsoft.

Excel Formula Translator Greek

Many thanks to Petros Chatzipantazis and to Lydia Anyfantaki from the company ILYDA for supporting me in the translation to Greek. Petros is the managing director of ILYDA (UK) Ltd, the company behind the Ribbon Commander framework and a member of the practitioners board at the Council for Ubiquitous Intelligence (CUbInt), Emory Goizueta Business School. He publishes regularly free Excel tutorials and VBA Add-ins at Spreadsheet1.com. Lydia is an Excel enthusiast and a young entrepreneur, co-founder of the software development start-up company FLEXWARE Innovation Systems.