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In Excel 2007, it is possible to link a chart or an axis title to a cell by using a formula. However this was not possible when using VBA. The correponding objects have now been extended in Excel 2010, as you can see in the sample file which can be downloaded at the end of this article. The following image shows a screenshot of this sample file.

Excel 2010 VBA AxisTitle and ChartTitle Objects

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Today, I had a closer look on the changes to the “AddIn” object and the new object “AddIns2” in Excel 2010. The “AddIn” object has been only extended by the property “IsOpen”, allowing to check programmatically if a specific Add-In is loaded or not. The new object “AddIns2” lists, unlike the already existing object “AddIns”, all available Add-Ins regardless if they have been installed or not. The following screenshot demonstrates this behaviour. First, I loaded the Add-In “Test.xla” by opening the file with the file open dialog.

Excel VBA Addins Objects

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Based on the results of my tools for comparing the VBA functions between Excel 2010, Excel 2007 and Excel 2003, I think the next logical step should be the systematic testing of new methods, events, properties, and constants.

Unfortunately, the documentation for the new VBA features is still incomplete on my installed version. However the purpose of some new features can often be guessed by their name. But I think this will not always be possible.

The last days, I took a look on the objects „Workbooks“, „Workbook“ und „AppEvents“. While I did not find changes for the workbooks collection, the „Workbook“ object includes some new events, methods and properties which seems to be very interesting.

VBA Workbook Object

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