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In my article “The most important changes to VBA in Excel 2010“ from 08/05/2009, I had already reported about some changes to the VBA object model in Excel 2010. Also, I had started the development of an application for parsing and analysing all VBA objects, methods, properties and constants of the VBA libraries included in the Office apps. Just recently, I got the time to finish the development of this application.

The application is freeware and can be downloaded at the end of this article. The output tables are protected, however the password can be found in code which is unprotected and can be viewed by everyone. Please note, that the workbook itself and the copyright sheet are also protected by a password and this password is not publicly accessible.

The application referencies to the TLI Library „TlbInf32.dll“ in the windows system folder providing functions for scanning type libraires. Important note: the TLI Library needs to be installed and correctly registered on your system. My application can not work without this library. And please note that this library is not included in the download archive.

Excel VBA Typelib Scanner

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