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This article lists the most important articles I have posted about the Technical Preview of Office 2010. At this point, thanks to all visitors and the positive feedback via email. Office 2010 Beta is now publicly accessible and I will also write some articles about the new version. However, most informations of my previous posts are also applicable to the Beta. I have sorted this list by publishing date.

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A few days ago, I wrote this article in German, here is now my translation for our english speaking friends. According to the Microsoft Office 2010 Newsgroup and the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Blog, the Office Web Apps have been made available and can be tested. Even if they primarly targeted a selected group of users, with a little trick, everyone who has an account on Windows Live can get access to the Office Web Apps.

At this stage, only Excel, Word, Powerpoint and OneNote are available. Actually the functionality is modest, but I think, they are working hard at Microsoft to implement more functions. By the way, according the french blog Backstage 2010, the official names of the apps will be „Excel Web App“, „Word Web App“, „PowerPoint Web App“ and „OneNote Web App“. The suite will be designated „Office Web App“.

Office Web Apps

In the rest of this article I will describe how to get access to the Office Web Apps TP from a German Windows Live account. As you probably know, I am participating in the technical preview of Office 2010. So, for testing if I can get access to the Office Web App from a regular Windows Live account, I created a new one.

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