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The Equation Editor in Excel 2010

Let’s have a look to the Equation Editor in Excel 2010. That’s right, this editor is now also available in Excel 2010 and is similar to the equation editor already present in Word. However, we can only insert a new equation in Excel 2010 if we have inserted a textbox before. At this point, thanks to Ken Puls from the Office 2010 TP Newsgroups for this tip:-)

Ok, let’s insert a new textbox like shown in the next figure:

Excel 2010 Equation Editor

Before you can insert an equation you have to place your cursor in the textbox. The equation editor opens a gallery (a little bit different from the gallery in Office 2007) from where we have selected “Fourier Series” for testing.

Excel 2010 Equation Editor

After inserting the equation, you will get access to the Ribbon Tab “Equation Tools” with many options for editing and formatting your equation.

Excel 2010 Equation Editor

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