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The Office 2010 Developer Training Kit Beta

Recently, I found the download link for the „Office 2010 Developer Training Kit“ on Twitter and on the german blog from Tom Wendel. The Training Kit has been mainly created and tested by Paul Stubbs, Girish Raja, Steve Fox, Donovan Follette and Chris Mayo. As far as I know, the Training Kit is only available in English (I’m from Germany). The Training Kit provides many useful and interesting informations about Office 2010 and also exercises for developers.

Office 2010 Developer Training Kit

After downloading the Training Kit, you may start the installation by double clicking on the the downloaded executable file. The installer then unpacks all files of the Training Kit to a folder of your choice. You can then access to the contents using your browser and you are welcome by the page shown on the screenshot above.

Some links in the Training Kit leads you to external servers (for example, the videos). If you prefer to open the PowerPoint presentation files manually, you can find these files in the folder „Presentations“ of the folder where you unpacked the Training Kit.

Please note, that you should have installed Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010 and/or more products for the exercises. The Training Kit contains exercises and informations about the following topics:

  • Office Developer Roadmap
    This section presents the Office 2010 Roadmap and shows how to customize the Office Ribbon and for example how to use the Visual Studio Ribbon Designer.
  • Office UI Customization
    In this section you will find some useful informations how to customize Office with Visual Studio, for example how to create a Custom Task Pane or Outlook Form Regions.
  • Office Client Workflow
    This section describes how to create and build a workflow using Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010.
  • Security and Deployment
    When deploying your applications you may choose an appropriate scenario. In this section, you can find informations and sample scenarios how to achieve this tasks.
  • Business Connectivity Services
    This section provides an overview of the Business Connectivity Services capabilities and shows how to use them in some examples.
  • Developing BI Applications
    In my personal opinion, a very interesting section introducing and explaining the BI offerings in SharePoint 2010 and the use of the Excel Services.
  • Open XML
    This section provides informations about Open XML, its architecture and the Open XML SDK. The exercise lets you create a SharePoint event handler that will automatically mark an Open XML document as finalized when its status has changed to completed.
  • Office 2010 Services
    This section lets you build a report application which will use the Excel, Word and Visio Services. The videos also show the use of these and more Services.
  • InfoPath 2010 and Forms Services
    The last section provides informations how to build user interfaces for Office Business Applications using InfoPath 2010.

All in all, in my personal opinion, a great Training Kit, which not only provides informations about MS Office 2010 and its possibilities for developers but also some background informations for non-developers. Finally, some links:

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